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What’s new in IBP 12?

IBP 12 has several great new features:

1. Fully compatible with the latest ranking algorithms

Google’s recent algorithm updates have caused problems for many SEO tool developers who used shady SEO methods. Spamming tools that were sold as search engine optimization solutions have stopped working. Some of the more aggressive tools even got your website banned on Google.

Fully compatible

The new IBP 12 is fully compatible with Google’s brand-new ranking algorithm and it is 100% safe to use. IBP only uses white-hat SEO methods that are beneficial to search engines, businesses and searchers. We continually update IBP to make sure that it works with the latest updates.

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2. A full featured SEO solution that considers all aspects of modern SEO

IBP considers all elements that are needed to get high rankings in today’s highly competitive environment. For example, the Top 10 Optimizer analyzes backlinks, social mentions, web page elements and more:

Top 10 Optimizer - Progress

IBP offers tools for backlink management, backlink building, competitive analysis, keyword research and analysis, search engine submission, content submission, website optimization, search engine rankings checks and more.

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3. A much improved keyword research tool delivers the best keywords

The new keyword research tool provides keyword suggestions for 25 different countries and languages. You get global searches, local searches and the KEI so that you can quickly find the best keywords:

The new keyword search tool

IBP 12 also offers many sophisticated keyword management tools that enable you to quickly create laser targeted keyword lists for Google AdWords:

Keyword management tools

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4. A much more detailed backlink analysis

IBP 12 offers a much more detailed backlink analysis than before. Google and Bing do not provide reliable backlink information for your competitors anymore.

That’s why we have created our own database that gives you detailed information about the backlinks of your competitors:

New backlink analysis - Get anchor texts and more

You will get the most popular anchor texts of your competitors, the pages of your competitors with the most backlinks and more.

IBP also analyzes the Google rankings and the Google AdWords campaigns of your competitors. You will get the keywords that they use on Google AdWords, the complete ad copies they use, and much more valuable information.

The new backlink information is also available in the Top 10 Optimizer and you will get your reports much faster than before.

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5. Faster ranking checks

The ranking checker in IBP has been improved and you can check your rankings now faster than before.

Ranking checker - Monitor your keywords

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6. An improved user interface

We’ve improved the user interface in IBP to make sure that you get the best possible user experience. Getting high rankings with IBP is as easy as possible.

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7. Fully compatible with Windows 8

IBP 12 is fully compatible with Windows 8. Of course, IBP also works with Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Windows 8 compatible - Windows 7, Windows XP

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