Check your backlinks for Google’s Penguin update

Many websites have been hit by Google’s recent ‘Penguin’ algorithm update. These businesses lost their top rankings on Google, resulting in a major decline in visitors.

Google’s Penguin algorithm update targeted websites with unnatural backlink profiles. Websites that utilized paid links or other unnatural backlinks were removed from Google’s index. Make sure that your website won’t be penalized.

You need a reliable SEO tool that enables you to do an in-depth audit of your backlinks. This can be done with the link manager in IBP.

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1. Check the anchor texts

Google doesn’t like hundreds of backlinks with exactly the same anchor text (the text that is used to link to your site). Diversified backlinks that contain keywords that are related to your business work best.

To get an overview of the anchor texts that are used to link to your website, just use the “Find websites that link to your site” command in IBP’s link manager.

2. Check domain diversity

A natural backlink profile includes backlinks from different website types. The link manager in IBP offers a lot of information about the sites that link to your site:

  • the IP addresses
  • the Google PageRank
  • the Alexa TrafficRank
  • the number of outbound links on the page
  • the total number of links on the page
  • and much more information

These signals help you to make informed decisions about your backlinks. Depending on the structure of your backlinks, you could:

  • remove some backlinks
  • diversify the anchor text of your backlinks
  • diversify your backlink sources
  • get new backlinks

Get new backlinks with IBP

In addition to the backlink data above, IBP’s link manager provides you with other helpful information and you can get new backlinks with IBP.

IBP also helps you to optimize the content of your web pages to make sure that your web pages will be listed for the right keywords on Google’s first result page.

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