Track your results with IBP’s search engine ranking checker

You must check your search engine positions to verify that you have reached your SEO goals.

With IBP, you can check several search engines for all your keywords at once. IBP also allows you to track the progress of your search engine rankings over time.

Fact: Checking your rankings usually costs a lot of time and it requires much patience. IBP makes it as easy and as quick as possible to check your rankings.

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IBP's search engine ranking checker at work.

Get 100% accurate results

To get the most accurate results, IBP controls MS Internet Explorer to access search engines. IBP opens real MS Internet Explorer windows outside the visible screen, and it uses real search boxes of the search engines.

This method’s major advantages:

  • IBP does not trick search engines by accessing scripts directly. IBP uses the official search forms and it plays by the rules.
  • IBP gets 100% accurate results because it gets exactly the same results as a human web surfer.
  • Search engines cannot distinguish IBP from a human web surfer so they don’t return special pages.

IBP is a search engine friendly ranking tool that helps you keep track of your search engine positions. It works like a personal search engine ranking check assistant – only faster and for a fraction of the cost.

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All major search engines are supported

IBP supports all major US and international search engines. Just download the free IBP version and click the “Supported Search Engines” link in IBP’s main window to get a detailed list of all currently supported search engines.

We regularly update the list and we welcome your suggestions. IBP is a tool that is tailored to your needs.

Create professional SEO reports for your clients

Just like all IBP tools, IBP’s search engine ranking checker creates professional reports that you can send to your clients.

ranking reports

The reports are fully customizable with your company logo, your own colors, your fonts, your text, ect.

more ranking reports

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Read what our customers say about IBP:

Lawrence Gilbert,, says:

“Thought I would send a quick mail to let you know of the success that we have had with your product.

If you type our main keyword into Google UK we are now number 1, and on Google Worldwide we are number 2 or 3 (depending on the day) behind only IBM and HP.”

Neil Plant,, says:

“I previously had to spend hours going through search engines to see
where our website lay within different keywords […]

I previously had to guess what i thought would be good keywords to use on our site, I now know what keywords people are searching on with the keyword generator.”

Aaron Cooper, says:

“When I started using IBP, I had a link popularity of 800 […]. Today, my link popularity is around 200,000! IBP really works!

Malte Strauss,, says:

“IBP is a great product. The menu structure is simple to use and I could start working with it right away. No steep learning curve. I will not recommend it to my competitors because IBP is too good and I don’t want them to know about it.

However, I will mention it to everybody outside of my line of business. Thanks for a great software that is designed smart and executed clean.

Click here for more customer testimonials.

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