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Webmasters all over the world successfully use IBP to get high search engine rankings, more customers and more sales.

Ed Keay-Smith, AdWordsMarketing.com, says:

I now have many of the top positions on Yahoo, Bing and have far improved my position on Google to the 1st, 2nd or 3rd pages for keywords relating to my website. I liked that I could download the IBP trial version to test drive it before I spent my money.

I was so impressed with it that I would have been stupid not to use it. I really liked the way that I could customize the reports for my clients when doing SEO work for them. This aspect alone has won me tens of thousands of dollars worth of fees when using this part of the software.

Dennis Begnoche, Palm Springs Art, says:

“I also wanted to show some of the results I am getting now with IBP. Thanks so much. Never had #1 positions before on Yahoo, Google, Bing. Thanks so much, your program is great.”

Mike Goodier, LibraTypingServices.co.uk, says:

“My very first attempt with IBP has brought me straight into the Network (Bing, BBC, HotBot, etc.) at position #1 out of nearly 400,000 sites! Incredible, thank you!”

Marcus Allen, OrlandoVacationsOnline.com, says:

“I wouldn’t normally get too excited about a product but when something like IBP has pretty much quadrupled your online income, it’s only fair to make it known!

I recently upgraded my IBP, spent a few hours working with it over a two week period and the rest is obvious. […] Our website is positioned at numbers 5, 1, 2, 2 and 1 respectively! Need I say more?

It’s all due to IBP. IBP has secured us an extremely good position in the hugely competitive Travel market. Thanks Axandra!”

Jeremy Cobb, NaturalSearchMarketing.com says:

“I’m a professional SEO advisor for a firm that coaches webmasters to dominate in the search engines. I’m an IBP convert from ****, and nothing has helped my clients more.

IBP is so user friendly that my clients pick it up with ease. I recommend it to all of my clients and I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to dominate the engines. From a professional standpoint I give it an A+!

Bruce Gow, SearchEngine-Guy.com.au , says:

“With IBP, I have dominated search engine rankings in my former industry (pest control) which is VERY competitive. I saved lots of money in advertising costs and have set up my own SEO business. I have virtually white-anted the competition.”

Rob Coxworth, webFootLeisure.com, says:

“I’m impressed by the rapid improvement in my sites visibility. From virtually invisible unless I paid for clicks to rankings on pages 1-3 on a number of my keywords since late November. Great product and money well spent.”

Peter Da Vanzo, SearchEngineBlog.com, says:

“This SEO tool called IBP caught my attention, mainly because a lot of thought has gone into usability design. […] it manages to cleverly integrate the SEO workflow into its design.”

Dave Dewar, Bucks.net, says:

“Thanks again for your fast update! In my experience I would say that IBP beats any other ranking software for updating definitions and its first class customer support, so well done!”

Bob Edwards, Jewelry24Seven.com, says:

“My website was lost in a sea of competitors. I could not find it by searching for keywords related to what I sell. PPC ads were costing me a small fortune, but it was the only way I could get any customers at all, and the amount of product I sold didn’t nearly cover the ad costs. My site was costing me money every day…

I found out that designing the site for human surfers without paying attention to what the search engines wanted was the problem. Using IBP was like turning on the lights in a dark room.

I totally redesigned and refocused the way my site was built. And it has taught me what I needed to do – I can now design a page that meets the basic optimization requirements before I use IBP to fine tune it, because I understand what the search engines want. My site now has quite a few top ten placements on Google for very competitive key search terms.

I stopped the PPC ads a month ago… I am selling more now without them. I used to spend more than the cost of the IBP software on PPC ads in a week!”

Dave Henry, InfoAve.net, says:

“I have only had IBP for a few days and it has really opened my eyes. I find that it is a very useful learning tool. Choosing keywords was a very helter-skelter process and IBP straightened that out quite well.”

Nicola L. Bagnoli, Apt 3 Studios and Design, says:

IBP is the cornerstone of our business, without it we would be dead in the water. This was my first brush with customer service and now not only do I know IBP is an excellent program but you have a great support structure as well.”

Vojin Vukovic, Relikon.com, says:

“Thanks to IBP, my website is now on the first result page on Google for several search terms. This is great! Keep up the good work.”

Jim Green, Writing-for-Profit.com, says:

“I’ve just finished reading your ebook from cover to cover and I think it is a superb example of professional induction. […] Congratulations! I’m not only impressed with the writing but I’ve also learned a few tips about linking I didn’t know before.”

Internet Professionell Magazine says:

“IBP perfectly optimizes your website for search engines. IBP reliably improves the ranking of your website on Google and other search engines. […]

A highlight is the SEO ebook. It leaves no search engine optimization and search engine marketing question unanswered.

Richard VanWormer, LanternBay.net, says:

“Rarely have I penned a complimentary note to any internet business, however I feel I must extend to Axandra the highest of accolades for their powerful suite of simply must have programs.

As an accomplished webmaster, I have utilized virtually every type of program that has come down the pike.

Without a doubt, IBP is not only better than, but also completely overshadows any software attempting to rival it. […]

IBP virtually saves me hours of work every day primarily due to the fact that every program one could ever need to succeed and then some is all packed into one program, which I love for ease of handling multiple projects.”

Dr. Waln Brown, WilliamGladdenFoundation.org, says:

“We purchased the IBP in August. Over the next 2 1/2 months, we applied the techniques offered through IBP and raised the page ranking of our website from a PR2 to a PR5.

Thanks Axandra for such an easy-to-use and logical means of helping us to advance our mission by showing us how to steer more unique visitors to our website!

Edison Pascascio, HollywoodCollectibles.com, says:

“Before I found IBP I did not know what my competitors were doing. I like the vast amount of information that IBP offers. The top 10 optimizer feature that gets me to the top of the natural listings is great!”

Dave Thompson, PCanytime.co.nz, says:

IBP is far more comprehensive than most of the software out there […]

I like the open and honest way facts are presented, without the hype and bullshit (pardon my New Zealand English) that often goes with any type of software promotion.”

Richard Oppenheimer, Appraisal360.co.uk, says

“I bought a copy of IBP and followed it all carefully.Shortly before Christmas and now (end February) I am on the first page of Google UK for all of my search terms and on Google.com for about a half of them.”

Bill Leibenguth, FreedomFlightInc.com, says:

“Just a short note of thanks. My website is today #1 for Google, Yahoo and AOL, and #3 for AltaVista.”

Greg Chernoff, EnduranceHosting.com, says

“I went with a number of companies, websites and softwares before I came to find one of the original fledgling copies of IBP in 2002 and I still use it today in its latest version.

As a matter of fact , I am another of your proud customers with proven rankings […] The list goes on and on (5 clients with great rankings… in no small part because of all your hard work). Anyway , I can’t thank you enough for all the help over the past years.”

Michael Vorel, VastPlanet.com, says:

“I optimized my sites with IBP and I am seeing the rankings rise which is really good news!

I do SEO work for clients and I like the ability to rank top placements easily across Google, Yahoo and Bing with IBP.”

Don Young, Day-WebDesign.com, says:

“I put one of my customers newly written golf page at #1 on Google out of 1 million sites using IBP […]

We also have over 10,000 top #10s across the english search engines using only the #1 rankings on Google as a base to check. And we still have not found all of the key phrases we rank in the top 10 for. I could not have done this without the IBP system. Thank you for such a great product.

My own website has over two hundred #1s and close to 1000 top 10’s across the search engines.

Steve Tonkin, IbexInternet.net, says:

I’d just like to say how impressed and amazed at how good the program is. It has been designed with the user in mind, my ranking work is simple now I know where all the user names and passwords are and now do not need to keep logs of when and who I submitted sites to. Very well done!

Also I’d like to say how well your support and turnaround time on questions has been. You should be very very proud of your achievements. You have made a good program great.”

Harun Tasci, Just Dial Communications Inc, says:

“We have used IBP for over 2 years now. We have doubled our revenue in the last 2 years on web sales with the help of free search listings on Google, Yahoo and Bing, and guess what? IBP is the only marketing tool we use for our business. Thanks to IBP.”

Peter Curtis, HolisticPages.co.uk, says:

“I have re-written my websites after using IBP. And using the advice given by IBP have obtained 10 top ten positions on 2 of the major search engines within 3 months.

The Top 10 Optimizer is invaluable, priceless – this IS a must have for any internet business operator. You simply must have it to firstly obtain a top ten position and then keep it. IBP is an excellent piece of software that has saved me many hours, days and weeks of work.

Jim Staley, WholesaleGopher.com, says:

“I purchased the IBP software almost two months ago and must say it’s pretty amazing. […] I’m happy to report I now have 40 keywords and phrases moving up the ranks […]. This of course has brought more traffic to my site. Thanks again for such a great product.”

Jean-Boucher, Magicien.biz, says:

“I have bought books, e-books and applications about SEO, I subscribe to numerous newsletters related to SEO, but the only tool I don’t regret buying is IBP. With IBP, I have managed to place my website on the first place for my target keyword.

I’m first in Yahoo & Bing and I am currently 3rd with Google. The beauty of this program is that it works with any language. All you have to do is to follow the clear instructions. Thank you IBP.”

Michael Wong, Mikes-Marketing-Tools.com, says:

“IBP is a search engine optimization tool that turns SEO novices into experts overnight! […] The report is not only comprehensive, but goes into the kind of detail that would take a professional optimizer quite a few hours to produce.

You then simply go through the checklist and make the appropriate changes to your web page. […] You really have to see for yourself. It’s so simple, even a complete computer novice can use it. I highly recommend it!”

Yvonne Walker, HerbalLuxuries.com, says:

“I just purchased IBP and I love the product. I had previously purchased a couple of other programs before buying IBP, wow what a difference. The reports are very in-depth.

The main items that differentiate IBP from the others are the reports make sense and they are clear and concise. The other thing is the design of the software, nice interface, easy to follow. Thanks for such a great tool that actually works.”

Richard Bravo, Jackson Hole Real Estate Company, says:

“I just wanted to let you know your software ROCKS! After just one week of implementing data from our IBP reports we have seen 23 NEW listings.

We jumped an average of 10 spots that put us on the first page of most of our key phrases and we just hit #1 on one of our most coveted key words. Yee-Haw! Thanks for developing such a great tool.”

Dave Sorenson, FortMyersHomes4u.com, says:

“This is our position for our Fort Myers real estate keywords in the search engines using IBP:
Google: #1, Yahoo: #2, AOL: #1, Altavista: #2.. Thanks!”

James Rex, FlyWaySpecialties.com, says:

“For about 1 year I have been working on improving my website using the suggestions made by your IBP program and have moved up to the top 3-4 spots on Google for my major search terms….often I am ranked first on the page!

I have many competitors using the same search terms but your suggestions have put my site above almost all of them! Keep up the good work and thanks for such a great program.”

Eddy Salomon, WorkAtHomeCareers.com, says:

“I just wanted to take the time to thank you for a great product!

I was very frustrated with trying to keep up with the constant changes of search engine algorithms. It was literally impossible for me to figure out why certain sites were rating higher than me. As a result I became frustrated and decided not to focus on search engine optimization anymore.

Recently I happened on an article on search engine optimization tools and was very fortunate to stumble upon a great review on the Internet Business Promoter .

Finally a tool that would dissect the top websites and tell me exactly what I need to change. This was a God send! I decided to give it a try and to my surprise there were so many elements on my website that were pulling me down.

I made the edits and to my surprise within a week or two I started ranking in the top 30 for items I never ranked for. And I recently ranked top 10 for some other keywords related to my site.

IBP has been a minor investment that has paid off in a large way within the first few weeks of using it.

It’s helped take the guesswork out of the top ranking sites and has helped my site be among them. Thanks for creating such a great tool. Keep up the good work.”

Computer Buyer Magazine, says:

“Internet Business Promoter has a range of powerful tools to help your website get noticed. The Top 10 Optimizer is a hugely valuable tool.

If you’ve ever tried to enter your company’s website on more than one search engine you’ll know how time consuming it can be. Save hours of needless hassle with this program.”

Mark Worsnop, Mark-Systems.com, says:

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I have 298 webs that I maintain on the search engines and this version is fantastic. I have saved so much time, and can better analyze my positions. Thanks again.”

Michael Hilton, CarpetBuyersHandBook.com, says:

“I wanted to let you know that since starting to use IBP my carpetbuyershandbook.com site has jumped to page one for more than 1350 targeted keyword phrases and we now see 3000+ unique visitors each day. […]

We now have a waiting list for «carpet» advertisers on the site and each pays a «premium» for ad space. Thanks for a great program!

Bill Onslow, BioElectricBook.com, says:

“It hasn’t been a month since I submitted to the search engines, but just for the heck of it I checked for my keywords on the bigger and more popular engines, with the results as follows: Yahoo: 1st, Bing: 1st, AltaVista: 1st

I couldn’t have asked for better programmes to work with and I couldn’t have dealt with nicer people. Many thanks.”

Paul Mark, SearchEngineBusinessWorld.com says:

“I purchased IBP from Axandra almost 2 years ago, when I realized that I needed a more effective and efficient process to promote my business websites.

While there were a number of other options, including a host of free web promotion tools, I was really looking for a robust commercial quality tool that could grow with my needs as I built my business.

First of all, I feel that I have a secret weapon that gives me an advantage over my competitors. […]

Secondly, I use the Search Engine Submitter feature to submit my optimized pages to the search engines. Doing this manually is very time consuming and prone to errors and omissions.

In my early days, I would manually create excel spreadsheet checklists with hyperlinks to all the major search engine submission pages. Then every 30 days would manually remit by latest sites, updated pages and indexes. With IBP, I simply set up an automatic schedule for each site and then let it run in the background. I now only deal with the exceptions when a site is rejected or I want to add another site to the auto submitter list.

I hardly ever touch this process now and my web sites rank higher, much faster. I have the security to know that IBP is doing the accurate work for me… literally while I sleep.

Lastly… it works. Call me simple, but I love the rock solid engineered products that come from Germany. Unlike the USA, which delivers more lawyers than any other country, Germany arguably leads the world in producing engineers.

This IBP product is not hype and does not break. It is well designed to run efficiently and effectively.”

Laurie Williams, Trumpetmarketing.net, says:

“I’ve been an IBP user for over two years and it’s hands-down the best solution for managing Internet Marketing campaigns.

I provide web development and Internet Marketing services to the professional services industry and IBP has helped me produce lucrative results for my clients!

Now with the integrated solution, I can streamline reporting and managing all my SEO analysis from one product!”

Ed Bohnen, RandWare.nl, says:

“One of my customers couldn’t be found on search engines. With the help of IBP this site can now be found at pole-position #1 out of 40 million results.”

Adam McFarland, iPrioritize.com, says:

“I spent a few hours using IBP today and I was thoroughly impressed. I am definitely moving iPrioritize over from [competitor] to IBP.

I tried most of the features and I actually ended up doing quite a bit of tweaking to my homepage because of it. The ‘Top 10 web Page Optimizer’ and ‘Top 10 Inbound Link Optimizer’ were the highlights of the software in my mind.

Both of those reports were more advanced than anything else I’d ever used and gave me a ton of great information. The ‘Search Engine Spider Simulator’ is also a tool that I’ve never used before but I will definitely use with regularity in the future. […]

I also liked the IBP Manual – every SEO, whether brand new or a seasoned veteran, can learn something from that. I browsed through the checklists and learned a few new things.”

Marissa Keeghan, LuckyDipJewelry.com, says

IBP works! I am still shocked each time I optimize a page then find it on page 1. I can’t believe how much money I wasted on other SEO programs.

It has also changed my business expenses. No more relying on expensive PPCs. This is the best program I have ever got. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Steve Penny, HiringTheBestPeople.com, says:

“I want to thank you for your prompt and specific help…that is important to anyone buying software! You’ve got the best program I’ve seen and i’m showing it to others who are amazed!

David Rogers, SaferHolidays.com, says:

“I LOVE IBP. It’s easy to use and seems to work. A term for my site saferholidays.com is now on page 1 of many search engines! Thanks again … I’m impressed!

Allyn Kemp, DestinAdventure.com, says:

I am getting top ten listings on Google for many keywords. In addition I have also got listings on most of the other search engines.

My Destin Adventure site has over 100 pages and we have 1042 listings in the top ten. This includes all search engines. […]

IBP is a great piece of work, and I wanted you to know how well it works.

Fred Nelsen, Nelsen.biz, says:

“The new IBP is the first all inclusive program that I have used that really delivers. IBP is unbelievable.”

Richard Mann, DigitalScrapbookPages.com, says:

“We have followed the suggestions of the IBP page optimizer […] and we now show rankings in the top three pages of every major search engine.

On 5 of the engines we are ranked on page one for our first set of keywords/phrases. Our second set of keywords and phrases are now no lower than the 3rd page of all major search engines and our newest set of keywords and phrases are ranking between the first and third page of all major search engines.

This only took us approximately 3 months total. This product is amazing! The thing we like the best is that IBP does the majority of the work for you. The suggestions have brought us up from obscurity top rankings in a VERY SHORT time.

IBP has been totally amazing in what it has done for our search engine rankings. THANKS – this has been the best money I ever spent for our SEO efforts!

Christian Wilson, Noni.org, says:

“I have been your customer for years […] I have also been using the link tools in IBP since you started making it.

I finally looked at your new update you provided, and I was more than pleasantly surprised!! Wow!!

It has everything I ever wanted in a link management system and more. Thanks to you, I can now cancel my [competitor] account and cancel some other link-related services I have to pay big bucks for every month.

I love how easy it is to create links for sites. I have over 200 sites, so any time saved is very helpful. I recommended IBP to my clients and SEO friends.

Arthur Joyner, SoftwareSeeker.com, says:

“I must tell you that I am totally impressed by the quality and usefulness of your product. I have no doubt that IBP is the best application for managing links on the market today.

Believe me, I rarely make such bold claims about any software application. I literally test thousands of applications monthly and I have become very selective and hard to impress. The product turned out to be really excellent

Dave Roberts, DaveDoesItAll.com, says:

I’m amazed with the power of this program. I’ve gone all the way to creating a links page that’s consistent in format with my client’s site.

I haven’t explored the email management part of the product yet, but I’m expecting it to be as comprehensive as the rest of the program.

I used to charge extra for a link campaign – now I will be able to provide a link campaign for my clients within my basic fee, and it won’t take me very long to do. This is just terrific, IBP is a major major help to my business.

Al Harberg, DPdirectory.com, says:

I really like the concept of IBP. There’s so much emphasis on trying to trick search engines into giving people high visibility.

IBP awards them high link-popularity points because they honestly have high link popularity!

Larry Chase, Internet Marketing Expert, WDFM.com, says:

“This software program can streamline and speed the process of finding potential link partner sites. […] This is a good program, that’s well worth your consideration, so check it out. This is a solid software program.”

Pat Assad, DoctorSolve.com, says:

“Our site is in an extremely competitive field – Canadian online pharmacies. In this field, you can’t achieve high rankings with Google just by having well-optimized pages.

Thanks to IBP, we have linking relationships with hundreds of sites, not to mention several top listings in Google!

Plus, IBP has saved me hundreds of hours in the process.

Andy MacDonald, SwiftMediaUK.co.uk, says:

“Before I discovered IBP, promoting, and generating inbound links to both ours and our clients websites was a nightmare.

Finding quality RELATED web pages to ask for reciprocal links, filling out submission forms and generally, SEO was very frustrating business.

Thanks to IBP we have made immense changes on our own and clients websites. […]

IBP has increased our business and gross profit by 25%….your products are applaudable.

The features I like best with your software is the top 10 inbound link optimizer, and the top 10 web page optimizer. I also really like how easy the new ARELIS features enable you to easily integrate the link exchange page into the design of your own website.”

Gene Schallert, BetterSearchEngineMarketing.com, says:

[IBP’s link tool] ARELIS is the best tool on the market for finding and creating links. This full featured product leaves the competition in the dust. We recommend this linking software.

Barry Brooks, Link-Promotion.com, says:

“After demo-ing many disappointing link software packages, we were very excited to come across one which finally ‘gets’ link promotion.

If you are looking to increase the number of links to your website, we cannot recommend ARELIS strongly enough!

Ken McGaffin, LinkingMatters.com, says:

ARELIS is probably the most popular tool in use for generating link partners. It handles the whole process from finding sites, emailing the webmasters and adding them automatically to a link page. […]

ARELIS keeps track of every site you send a request to, allows you to change the status of sites and generally keep track of what stage your link requests are at.”

Jack Humphrey, webmasterTrafficTools.com, says:

Well, simply put, ARELIS is dreamy! It is fast, easy, and everything about your linking tasks is handled from one screen. […]

The price is right too […] I highly recommend ARELIS to new Internet marketers and webmasters who want to get their directories set up at lightning speed without having to read a 500+ page help file.”

Michael Wong, Search-Engine-Optimization-Strategies.net, says:

ARELIS is an excellent program. The software interface is nicely laid out. Set-up is quick and simple. The software is good at finding relevant sites, quickly. ARELIS includes all the features you would want in such a program.

It is obvious that the authors have put a lot of thought and planning into the software. […] It’s no wonder that virtually every software library rates it 5 stars. […] even a HTML expert couldn’t tell if a link directory was created by hand, or by a program such as ARELIS.”

David Szetela, ClixMarketing.com, says:

“I switched to IBP after using [competitor] for several years. Congratulations on an EXCELLENT product – I use it constantly to manage many clients.

I can honestly say that IBP has helped my company increase the number of clients, and impress them with professional (and professional-looking) reports. Keep up the good work!”

Ash Nallawalla, PCUpdate.org, says:

I consider IBP as a great time saver. It gives you almost everything an online entrepreneur needs to know and do to get a site visible in the search engines. I recommend it.”

Mark Robinson, HandicappedPets.com, says:

“Emails that offer me tools to improve my ranking are just about as common as the Nigerian bank account offers and are usually deleted immediately. My experience with IBP, though, has proven completely different.

I run the pet related website at HandicappedPets.com. We provide products, services, and support for elderly, injured, and disabled pets. As pet supplies is a pretty widespread market, search engine rankings are critical. Originally, I took notice of IBP from their excellent newsletter. […]

Since then, I have used IBP on an ongoing basis to improve the quality of the content of my website. My links are clear, concise, and relevant.

But what prompted me to write this letter was the technical support. I have needed to get help four times since I purchased the program. Each time my request has been answered quickly, thoroughly, and by someone who not only read, but understood my problem. Now that’s reason for celebration. Thanks guys!”

Alan Boyer, Leaders-Perspective.com, says:

“As a business coach and consultant I frequently got into helping a client identify how well their marketing was working. Usually one of the questions I asked was, ‘How many customers a week come from your website?’ The usual answer ranged from ‘I don’t know,’ to ‘nothing!’ […]

After using IBP I now have clients that have reached page 1 ranking on several search engines, including Google. Getting to page 1 on Google in less than 2 months surprised even me.

One client told me that they would have been happy with one new ‘large’ client a week. At this point their website is delivering 10 a day.”

William S., WineDirectory.org, says:

“Using IBP, our website now ranks #1 in Bing for our main search term, outranking similar websites that have been online for years. […]

I credit the high rankings and increasing traffic that WineDirectory.org has achieved solely to IBP. It is my secret weapon that I’ll use to optimize and promote all of my future websites.”

Willem du Plessis, TheWebGuy.co.nz, says:

“I have to say that IBP is an absolutely fantastic product. I’ve been using the previous version for a few months now, and have been more than happy with its performance, but the new IBP version has blown it out the water.

It’s well thought out, well designed and is a great tool for webmasters. […] Thanks to the development team – a great product’s been made even better!”

Rob May, JacksonHole.net, says:

“IBP is probably the most comprehensive tool around for SE placement and SEO work. Without it, I would not increased our business revenue in 1 year by almost 50%!

I would recommend IBP to anyone. It is the best product around, hands down!”

Bruno Hoffmann, IBP user, says:

“We can now research, track and optimize each of our sites in one toolset. This allows us to be more efficient and more responsive to changes in our marketplace.

The new features and enhancements to the new IBP versions demonstrate a commitment by Axandra to maintain a leadership position in SEO tools.

The ever changing search engine landscape requires tools that stay current. This convinced us to incorporate IBP as a core tool within our business.”

Rafael Pankratau, RafCamera.com says:

“I was silent for a while waiting for results of my optimizations. Right now I checked my position in Google again, and I was HIGHLY IMPRESSED. I became #1 on many of the targeted terms, and most of the other terms are in the top 10!

I’m a fully satisfied customer. Thanks for your great product!”

Lawrence Gilbert, CompanyPartners.com, says:

“Thought I would send a quick mail to let you know of the success that we have had with your product.

If you type our main keyword into Google UK we are now number 1, and on Google Worldwide we are number 2 or 3 (depending on the day) behind only IBM and HP.”

Neil Plant, CarShop.co.uk, says:

“I previously had to spend hours going through search engines to see where our website lay within different keywords […]

I previously had to guess what i thought would be good keywords to use on our site, I now know what keywords people are searching on with the keyword generator.”

Aaron Cooper, UltimateNurse.com says:

“When I started using IBP, I had a link popularity of 800 […]. Today, my link popularity is around 200,000! IBP really works!

Malte Strauss, LuxuryHomesInOrlando.com, says:

“IBP is a great product. The menu structure is simple to use and I could start working with it right away. No steep learning curve. I will not recommend it to my competitors because IBP is too good and I don’t want them to know about it.

However, I will mention it to everybody outside of my line of business. Thanks for a great software that is designed smart and executed clean.

Luke Parker, InternetOptimization.net, says:

IBP is easily the most used tool in our arsenal, and is also my personal favorite. As a professional SEO’er, I’d highly recommend it to anyone that I don’t already have my eyes on to be my next client…

Not only does it have the best search engine submission process of any of the SEO Suite softwares we’ve used, but its Top Ten Optimizer nails each of my client’s mistakes in bold letters to the front page of their personalized report.

I would have a much harder job without my IBP.”

Chuck Lunsford, PlanetLodging.com, says:

“WOW! As a passionate user of previous IBP versions I was doubtful whether you could outdo yourselves. In fact I was a bit leery about ‘testing’ the new version as my previous experience doing so with other programs was less than satisfying.

KUDOS! on a top-notch program. I am blown away by that jewel of a program. Once again the bar has been raised. Thanks for putting everything I need to market my websites in one v-e-r-y easy to use package.”

Win Morgan, WinthropMorgan.com says:

IBP has everything in one great package. I’m now able to easily prepare reports for my clients. The information in IBP is better than in [competitor product]”

David Saunders, BritishChap.com, says:

“Thanks to IBP, my business totally changed for the better and my clients were most impressed with the customized reports. I am busier than ever.”

Jamie Ratliff, Affiliate-Directory.us, says:

“IBP has made website Promotion as easy as it can be. The suite of tools is impressive even for an advanced website owner such as myself.

Axandra has taken the extra step and made IBP so easy to use that a child could do it. If you have a website and want better search listings, IBP is worth thousands of dollars, yet costs much less.

I highly recommend IBP.”

Mandy Thomson, HotelBookingWizard.com, says:

“Axandra really has made a MAJOR impact on our websites. We are now ranked very highly, and all within a very short time!! IBP is a package that we all should have.”

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IBP is a powerful website promotion software tool that has received top ratings from nearly every software site. Here are some examples:

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  • Webmasters all over the world have tested IBP for you and they confirm that it works (see above).
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