Submit your website to all important Internet directories

Internet directories are popular because they are an easy way to get inbound links to your website. However, not all directories have a positive influence on your rankings.

Some Internet directories won’t influence your rankings at all and some sites can even have a negative influence on your search engine positions. You have to choose the right directories if you want to get positive results.

Fact: The right Internet directories can be an easy way to get links to your website. These links can increase your search engine rankings. IBP helps you to get these links.

Submitting your website to search engines and Internet directories can be a time consuming task. That’s why IBP offers an easy-to-use directory submitter.

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Directory submission as easy as 1-2-3

IBP allows you to submit your website to hand-picked high quality Internet directories quickly and easily. You just have to select the correct category for your website and IBP does the rest. The directories that are listed in IBP all have a positive influence on the position of your website.

Internet Directory Submitter

Quality matters

Directory submission cannot be 100% automated. It is very important that you submit your website to exactly the correct category and that you fill out all necessary fields.

Internet directories won’t list your website if you submit it to the wrong category. Some Internet categories even consider this spamming.

As Internet directories have many more categories than search engines, it is not possible to fully automate this process. For that reason, IBP fills out as much as possible for you and you just have to add the missing information (which is usually just the correct category).

This means IBP makes it as easy as possible to submit your website to Internet directories while keeping the quality level as high as possible.

Submit your site to many more sites and use your custom lists

In addition to search engines and Internet directories, IBP also helps you submit your website to other websites that will accept your website and other contents.

IBP also allows you to add your own directory and search engine lists to IBP’s custom submitter tool.

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Read what our customers say about IBP:

Michael Hilton,, says:

“I wanted to let you know that since starting to use IBP my site has jumped to page one for more than 1350 targeted keyword phrases and we now see 3000+ unique visitors each day. […]

We now have a wait list for carpet advertisers on the site and each pays a premium for ad space. Thanks for a great program!

Bill Onslow,, says:

“It hasn’t been a month since I submitted to the search engines, but just for the heck of it I checked for my keywords on the bigger and more popular engines, with the results as follows: Yahoo: 1st, Bing: 1st, AltaVista: 1st.

I couldn’t have asked for better programmes to work with and I couldn’t have dealt with nicer people. Many thanks.”

Paul Mark, says:

“I purchased IBP from Axandra almost 2 years ago, when I realized that I needed a more effective and efficient process to promote my business websites.

While there were a number of other options, including a host of free web promotion tools, I was really looking for a robust commercial quality tool that could grow with my needs as I built my business.

First of all, I feel that I have a secret weapon that gives me an advantage over my competitors. […]

Secondly, I use the Search Engine Submitter feature to submit my optimized pages to the search engines. Doing this manually is very time consuming and prone to errors and omissions.

In my early days, I would manually create excel spreadsheet checklists with hyperlinks to all the major search engine submission pages. Then every 30 days would manually remit by latest sites, updated pages and indexes. With IBP, I simply set up an automatic schedule for each site and then let it run in the background. I now only deal with the exceptions when a site is rejected or I want to add another site to the auto submitter list.

I hardly ever touch this process now and my web sites rank higher, much faster. I have the security to know that IBP is doing the accurate work for me… literally while I sleep.

Lastly… it works. This IBP product is not hype and does not break. It is well designed to run efficiently and effectively.”

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