Using the right keywords is the cornerstone of successful SEO

Finding the best keywords for search engine optimization is crucial if you want to succeed with your website.

Fact: If you want to successfully promote your website on the Internet, you have to choose the right keywords. If you target the wrong keywords, your website promotion efforts will be in vain.

Find the best keywords quickly and easily

IBP’s keyword tool helps you find the best keywords for your website quickly and easily:

Just enter a keyword and click the “Search” button. IBP will deliver the following information:

  • keyword suggestions for the entered keyword
  • the number of monthly searches for the keywords on Google (global and local)
  • the number of search results for the keywords on Google
  • the KEI (keyword effectiveness index) for these keywords

IBP’s keyword tool will answer the following questions:

  • Which keywords get the most searches?
  • How strong is the competition for a special keyword?
  • Which keywords are used by your competitors?

The better your keywords are, the easier it is to outperform your competition.

Find keywords for 25 different countries and languages

You can use IBP’s keyword tool to find keywords in 25 countries and different languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Finnish, Swedish and Turkish and other langauges.

The new keyword tool also offers many powerful keyword editing tools that help you to create targeted keyword lists for Google AdWords.

IBP’s keyword manager quickly creates long tail keywords for you

Long tail keywords are ultra-specific keywords that generate little traffic and few conversions each, but significant numbers of both collectively. They produce more qualified traffic and higher conversion rates.

IBP’s keyword manager makes it very easy to create long tail keywords. Open IBP’s keyword editor, select “Expand keywords”, enter supplemental keywords (or choose from the supplemental keywords that IBP offers), click the “Generate keywords combinations” button and IBP does the rest:

IBP offers supplemental keywords in these categories: cities and regions of 27 countries, colors, industries, occupations, synonyms for bargain, big, complete, fast, great and smart. Of course, you can also enter your own supplemental keywords.

Quickly create keyword lists for Google AdWords

IBP’s keyword tool helps you to quickly create keyword lists for your Google AdWords ads. Just click the “Export to Google AdWords and others” button in IBP:


IBP automatically calculates the ad group focus score of your keyword lists. The ad group score tells you if the keywords in the ad group are targeted enough so that your ad can get a high quality score.

Google’s Quality Score influences your ads’ position on Google and the Google Network. It also determines your keywords’ minimum bids. The higher the Quality Score of your ads, the less you have to pay per click. IBP’s keyword tool helps you to pay as little as possible for your ads.

IBP’s keyword manager also lets you add “exact match” and “phrase match” keywords to your keyword lists with a single mouse click.

In addition, IBP’s keyword tool also enables you to create misspellings, to combine keywords, to reverse keywords (“lawyer chicago” becomes “chicago lawyer”), to clean your imported keyword lists and much more.

Use the best keywords software to find the best keywords

IBP offers feature-complete keyword tools that help you to find the best keywords for organic SEO and pay per click advertising quickly and easily.

Do you use the best keywords on your web pages? Are your web pages perfectly optimized for these keywords? IBP has the answer.

Read what our customers say about IBP:

Jeremy Cobb, says:

“I’m a professional SEO advisor for a firm that coaches webmasters to dominate in the search engines. I’m an IBP convert from ****, and nothing has helped my clients more.

IBP is so user friendly that my clients pick it up with ease. I recommend it to all of my clients and I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to dominate the engines. From a professional standpoint I give it an A+!“

Bruce Gow,, says:

“With IBP, I have dominated search engine rankings in my former industry (pest control) which is VERY competitive. I saved lots of money in advertising costs and have set up my own SEO business. I have virtually white-anted the competition.”

Rob Coxworth,, says:

“I’m impressed by the rapid improvement in my sites visibility. From virtually invisible unless I paid for clicks to rankings on pages 1-3 on a number of my keywords since late November. Great product and money well spent.”

How does it work and what’s the catch?

IBP is a powerful search engine optimization software tool that helps you to get high rankings on search engines. It has a success rate of more than 98% and we will give you your money back if you belong to the very few people who don’t get high rankings with IBP.

How does it work in detail?

  1. You choose the keyword and the search engine

    You tell IBP for which keyword you want to get high rankings and you choose the search engine on which you want to be listed. For example, this can be Yahoo, Google, Bing, their local variations and many other search engines.

  2. IBP analyzes your web page

    IBP’s Top 10 Optimizer will then analyze all the relevant ranking elements on your web page and the links to your website and calculate a ranking score based on that information. The higher the ranking score, the more likely it is that your website will be listed on the first result page.

  3. IBP tells you in detail what you have to change

    If your website does not have a 100% score, IBP will tell you in plain English what exactly you have to do to improve your web page and the links to your site. The advice will be tailored to your website, the chosen search engine and the chosen keyword. IBP will tell you in detail what you have to change and how you have to change it.

  4. You make the changes on your web page

    In the last step, you change your web page according to the suggestions of IBP’s Top 10 Optimizer until there are no further suggestions (IBP’s Top 10 Optimizer gives your site a 100% rating).

That’s it. No catch, no strings attached. If you follow the advice of IBP’s Top 10 Optimizer then your website will get much better rankings.

New version. IBP works with the latest April 2022 algorithms.